Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter A

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ A ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Aabha 4 Light
Aabharan 1 Jewel
Aabheer 4 A Cow Herd
Aabher 8 A Cow Herd
Aachman 5 Intake Of A Sip Of Water Before A Yagya Or Puja
Aadarsh 7 One Who Has Principles
Aadesh 2 Command; Message
Aadhira 6 Moon
Aadhishankar 5 Sri Shankaracharya; Founder Of Adwaitha Philosophy
Aadhunik 6 Modern; New
Aadi 6 First; Most Important
Aadidev 1 The First God
Aadil 9 Justice
Aadinath 4 God; Supreme Ruler Of The Universe; The First God
Aadit 8 Peak
Aaditey 2 Son Of Aditi
Aaditeya 3 Son Of Aditi
Aaditya 7 The Sun
Aadya 5 The Earliest, Lord Shiva
Aafreen 5 Encouragement
Aagam 5 Coming, Arrival
Aagney 8 Son Of The Fire God
Aagneya 9 Son Of The Fire
Aahlaad 1 Delight
Aahlaadith 2 Joyous Person
Aahva 6 Beloved
Aahwaanith 5 One Who Has Been Invited;wanted
Aakaar 6 Shape
Aakaash 6 Sky
Aakanksh 3 Desire
Aakar 5 Form; Shape
Aakarsh 5 Attraction
Aakarshan 2 Attraction
Aakash 5 The Sky; Vast Like The Sky
Aakesh 9
Aalam 1 Ruler; King; The Whole World
Aalap 4 Prelude To A Raga
Aalok 4 Cry Of Victory
Aamir 6 Populous; Full; Prosperous
Aamod 7 Pleasant.accept
Aanand 8 Joy
Aanandswarup 7 Full Of Joy
Aandaleeb 9 The Bulbul Bird
Aanjaneya 9 Son Of Anjani (hanuman)
Aapt 2 Trustworthy
Aaraadhak 1 Worshipper
Aarav 7 Peaceful
Aarif 8 Acquainted; Knowledgable
Aarnav 3
Aarpit 2 To Donate
Aarth 3 Meaning
Aarush 5 First Ray Of Sun
Aaryan 6 Illustrious
Aashank 1
Aashay 1 Meaning, Gist
Aashish 2 Blessings; Aashirwad
Aashman 3 Son Of The Sun
Aashutosh 4 Who Is Easily Pleased
Aasim 7 Protector
Aasit 5
Aastik 7 Who Has Faith In God
Aatish 4 Fireworks; Name Of Lord Ganesha
Aatmaj 1 Son
Aatreya 8 Name Of A Sage
Aayan 6
Aayu 3 Lifespan
Aayushmaan 5 With Long Life
Abaan 1 Old Arabic Name
Abbas 7 Description Of A Lion
Abdul-azeez 4 The Servant Of The Almighty; The Powerful
Abdul-baari 8 The Servant Of The Creator
Abdul-ghafoor 2 The Servant Of The Forgiver
Abdul-haafiz 1 The Servant Of The Protector
Abdul-hameed 4 Servant Of The Praiseworthy; The Ever-praised
Abdul-haseeb 8 The Servant Of The Respected; Esteemed
Abdul-jabaar 1 The Servant Of The Mighty
Abdul-jaleel 4 The Servant Of The Great; Revered
Abdul-khaaliq 9 The Servant Of The Creator
Abdul-qaadir 9 Servant Of The Capable
Abdul-qahaar 5 Servant Of The Subduer; The Almighty
Abdul-qudoos 5 Servant Of The Most Holy
Abdul-raheem 9 Servant Of The Most Compassionate
Abdul-raouf 2 Servant Of The Most Merciful
Abdul-rasheed 1 Servant Of The Rightly Guided
Abdul-razaaq 5 Servant Of The Maintainer; The Provider
Abdul-salaam 6 Servant Of The Peace
Abdul-waahid 5 Servant Of The One
Abdul-wadood 3 Servant Of The Loving
Abdullah 7 The Servant Of God
Abed 3 Worshipper
Abedin 8 Worshippers
Abeer 4 Fragrance
Abezag 6 Pure; Holy
Abharan 9 Jewel
Abhay 1 Fearless, A Son Of Dharma
Abhaya 2 Has No Fear
Abhayananda 9 One Who Is Delights In Remaining Fearless
Abhayaprada 6 Bestower Of Safety; Another Name For Vishnu
Abheek 5 Fearless
Abheer 3 Cowherd
Abhi 2 Fearless
Abhibhava 9 Overpowering; Powerful; Victorious
Abhicandra 7 With A Moon Like Face, One Of The Seven Manus Of The Svetambara Jain Sect
Abhichandra 6 Moon Like Face; One Of The 7 Manus Of The Sevtambara Jaina Sect
Abhidi 6 Radiant
Abhihita 4 Expression; Word; Name
Abhijaat 7 Well Born
Abhijat 6 Noble; Wise
Abhijay 2 Total Victory
Abhijaya 3 Conquest; Complete Victory
Abhijit 5 Victorious
Abhijit /abhijeet 2 One Who Is Victorious, A Star
Abhijvala 3 Blazing Forth
Abhik 4 Beloved
Abhilash 6 Wish / Desire
Abhimand 7 Gladdening
Abhimani 3 Full Of Pride; Another Name For Agni As The Eldest Son Of Brahma
Abhimanyu 4 Arjuna\'s Son, Heroic, With Self-respect
Abhimanyusuta 2 Son Or Abhimanyu
Abhimoda 8 Joy; Delight
Abhinabhas 2 Renowned; Famous
Abhinanda 9 To Rejoice; To Celebrate; To Praise; To Bless; Delight
Abhinandan 5 Congratulation
Abhinandana 6 Felicitous, Delighting, Welcoming
Abhinatha 1 Lord Of Desires; Another Name For Kama
Abhinav 3 Quite New
Abhinava 4 New; Young; Fresh; Modern; A Sakta Notable For His Spiritual Attainment
Abhinay 6 Expression
Abhineet 1 Perfect
Abhinivesh 7 Desire
Abhiraam 8 Pleasing
Abhiraj 4 Fearless King
Abhirath 4 Great Charioteer
Abhirup 3 Pleasing
Abhisar 4 Companion
Abhisha 3
Abhishek 9 An Auspicious Bath For A Deity; Anointing
Abhisoka 3 Passionate; Loving
Abhisumat 4 Radiant; Another Name For Sun
Abhisyanta 1 Splendid; A Son Of Kuru And Vahini
Abhivaadan 9 Greeting
Abhivanth / Abivanth 9 Royal Salute
Abhivira 7 Surrounded By Heroes; A Commander
Abhra 3 Cloud
Abhrakasin 3 With Clouds For Shelter; An Ascetic
Abhyagni 4 Towards The Fire; A Son Of Aitasa
Abhyudaya 7 Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity
Abhyudita 1 Elevated; Risen; Prosperous
Abimanyu 5 Arjuna's Son
Abishek 1
Abjayoni 5 Born Of The Lotus; Another Name For Brahma
Abjit 6 Conquering Water
Abra 4 Cloud
Abrar 4 A Truthful Person; Saint
Abu Bakr 2 The Companion Of Prophet Mohammed
Abul Khayr 9 One Who Does Good
Acalapati 1 Lord Of The Immovable, Lord Of Mountain
Acalendra 5 Lord Of The Immovable, The Himalayas
Acalesvara 2 God Of The Immovable, Another Name For Shiva
Acanda 6 Not Of The Hot Temper, Without Anger, Gentle
Acarya 4 Teacher, Another Name For Drona, Asvaghosa And Krpa
Acaryanandana 8 Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman
Acaryasuta 2 Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman
Acaryatanaya 3 Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman
Acchindra 7 Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect
Acchutan 8 Lord Vishnu
Achal 7 Constant, Unshaked
Achalapati 9 Lord Of The Immovable; Lord Of Mountain
Achalendra 4 Lord Of The Immovable; The Himalayas
Achalesvara 1 God Of The Immovable; Another Name For Shiva
Achalraj 9 Himalayan Mountain
Achanda 5 Not Of The Hot Temper; Without Anger; Gentle
Acharya 3 Teacher; Another Name For Drona; Asvaghosa And Krpa
Acharyanandana 7 Son Of The Teacher; Another Name For Aswatthama
Acharyasuta 1 Son Of The Teacher; Another Name For Aswatthama
Achindra 4 Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect
Achintya 9 Inconceivable; A Name Of Lord Shiva; Beyond Comprehension
Achir 3 New
Achyut 6 Imperishable; Indestructible; A Name Of Vishnu
Achyuta 7 Indestructible, One Who Is Firm
Achyutaraya 7 Worshipper Of The Infallible; A Devotee Of Vishnu
Achyuthan 2 Indestructible
Acintya 1 Surpassing Thought, Incogitable
Acyutaraya 8 Worshipper Of The Infallible, A Devotee Of Vishnu
Adalarasu 6 King Of Dance
Adarsh 6 Ideal
Adeel 9 Judge, Honest
Adeela 1 Equal
Adeep 4 The Light Of Vishnu
Adesh 1 Command
Adham 9 Black
Adharma 1 Lawless
Adheer 5 Restless
Adheesh 5 King
Adhik 6 More, Lots
Adhikara 8 Principal; Controller; Right
Adhip 2 King
Adhipa 3 King; Ruler
Adhiraj 6 King
Adhita 7 A Scholar
Adi 5
Adikavi 3 First Poet
Adil 8 Sincere; Just
Adinath 3 The First Lord; Lord Vishnu
Adipurush 9 Primordial Being.
Adit 7 From The Beginning
Aditeya 2 Another Name For The Sun
Adithya 5 Sun God, Son Of Adithi
Aditya 6 Lord Of The Sun
Adityanandana 1 Son Of The Sun
Adityavardhana 3 Augmented By Glory
Adnan 7 Proper Name
Adri 5 Rock
Adripathi 5 Master Of The Mountains
Advait 3 Unique
Advaita 4 Focussed
Advaith 2
Advay 8 Unique
Advaya 9 One; United
Advik 2 Unique
Adwaita 5 Non-duality
Adway 9 One; United
Adwaya 1 Unique
Aeshan 3 In Gods Grace.
Afeef 5 Chaste; Modest
Aftaab 4 The Sun
Aftab 3 The Sun
Aganveer 1 God Of Law, Sikh Origin
Agasthya 1 A Name Of A Sage
Agasti 3 Name Of A Sage
Agastya 2 A Saint In Hindu Mythology
Agendra 5 Himalayan Mountain
Agha 8 Pre-eminent
Agharna 5 The Moon
Aghat 1 Destroyer Of Sin
Aghosh 4 Quiet, Soundless
Agnello 3 Angel *
Agneya 8 Son Of Agni
Agnikumara 6 Son Of Agni
Agnimitra 2 Friend Of Fire
Agnimukha 4 Face Of Fire
Agniprava 8 Bright As The Fire
Agnivesh 4 Bright As The Fire
Agraj 1 Leader, Senior
Agrata 3 Leadership
Agrim 3 Leader; First
Agrima 4 Advance
Agriya 7 First Best
Agyeya 1 Unknown
Ahan 6 One Who Is Of The Nature Of Time Itself
Ahijit 3 Conquerer Of The Serpent
Ahilan 9 Knowledgeable, Commanding
Ahir 9
Ahjaja 4 Born Of A Lotus
Ahmad 9 Praiseworthy, Commendable
Ahren 1 Enlightened
Ahriman 1 Evil Spirit
Ahsan 7 Nice; Beautiful
Aijaz 2 Favour
Aiman 2 Fearless
Ainesh 2 The Sun\'s Glory
Airaawat 2 The Celestial White Elephant
Airavata 1 Child Of Water
Aja 3 Unborn
Ajaat 6 Unborn
Ajaatshatru 3 Who Has No Enemies
Ajamil 1 A Mythological King
Ajanta 2 Eternal Fame
Ajar 3 One Who Is Not Old
Ajatashatru 3 Without Enemies
Ajay 1 Invincible; Unconquerable
Ajeet 5 Unconquerable
Ajendra 8 King Of Mountains
Ajinkya 8 Invincible
Ajisth 4 Very Inteligent
Ajit 4 Unconquerable
Ajit / Ajeet 9 Unconquerable
Ajitaabh 7 Whose Lustre Can't Be Diminished
Ajitabh 6 One Who Has Conquered The Sky
Ajitesh 9 Lord Vishnu
Ajmal 1 Pious
Ajoy 6 Joyful
Akaash 5 Sky
Akalmash 3 Stainless; Pure
Akalpa 6 Ornament
Akand 4 Calm
Akansh 9
Akarsh 4 Attractive
Akash 4 The Sky; Vast Like The Sky
Akbar 6 Powerful
Akhil 5 Complete
Akhilesh 1 Lord Of The Universe
Akhyath 2
Akilesh 2
Akmal 2 Complete
Akram 8 Most Generous
Akrash 4 Attractive
Akroor 6 Kind
Akshad 8
Akshaj 5 Lord Vishnu
Akshan 9 Eye
Akshansh 9 Universe
Akshar 4 Imperishable
Akshat 6 Uninjurable, One Who Cannot Be Harmed
Akshath 5 Indestructible
Akshay 2 Indestructible, Immortal
Akshayaguna 1 Of Limitless Attributes. A Name For Lord Shiva
Akshaykeerti 7 Eternal Fame
Akshit 5 Permanent
Akshobhya 9 One Of The Dhyani Buddhas
Akshun 2 A Significant Particle
Akul 9 A Name Of Lord Shiva
Al Abbas 2 Description Of A Lion
Alaa 6 Nobility; Excellence
Alaa Udeen 1 Excellence Of Religion
Alabhya 5 Durlabh
Alagan 9 Handsome
Alagappan 6 Handsome
Alagarasan 3 King Of Beauty, Handsome
Alagarasu 9 Handsome King; King Of Beauty
Alak 7 World; Beautiful Tresses
Alam 9 The Whole World
Alamgir 7 The Lord Of The Whole World
Alankar 4 Gold, Ornament
Alazae 1
Aleem 9 Knowledgeable
Alhad 8 Joy
Ali 4 Protected By God
Alif 1 The First Character In Hijaiyah
Alok 3 Cry Of Victory; Lovely Hair
Aloke 8 Light
Aloki 3 Brightness
Alop 8 That Which Does Not Disappear
Alpesh 7 Tiny
Amaan 3 Peace
Amaanath 5 Treasure
Amal 9 Pure; Hope; Aspiration
Amalendu 8 The Unblemished Moon
Amalesh 5 The Pure One
Aman 2 Peace
Amanath 4 Treasure
Amanda 7 Active
Amani 2 Wishes, Aspirations
Amar 6 Forever; Immortal
Amardeep 9 Eternal Light
Amaresh 2 Name Of Indra
Amaris 7 Child Of The Moon
Amarjeet 1 Victorious
Amarnath 4 Immortal God
Amartya 7 Immortal, Amber Of The Sky
Ambar 8 Sky, Cloth Cover
Ambareesh 9 King Of The Sky
Ambarish 8 The Sky
Amber 3 The Sky
Ambikapathi 1 Lord Of Siva
Ambud 5 Cloud
Ambuj 2 Born From Water, Lotus
Ameen 2 Faithful; Trustworthy
Ameer 6 Ruler; Prince
Ameet 8 Boundless
Ameretat 2 Immortal
Ameya 9 Immeasurable; Boundless
Ameyatma 7 Lord Vishnu
Ami 5 Nectar
Amil 8 Invaluable
Amin 1 Divine Grace
Amir 5 Rich
Amish 5 Honest
Amit 7 Without Limit; Endless
Amitaabh 1 Boundless Lustre
Amitabh 9 Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha
Amitabha 1 Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha
Amitav 3 Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha
Amitava 4 Same As Amitabh
Amitbikram 7 Limitless Prowess
Amitesh 3 One Who Is Infinite; God
Amitiyoti 4 Limitless Brightness
Amitrasudan 4 Destroyer Of Enemies
Amiya 4 Nectar; Delight Amlan Unfading; Everbright,nectar
Amjad 2 More Glorious
Amlan 5 Unfading; Everbright
Amlankusum 9 Everlasting Flower
Amma 1 Supreme God
Ammar 1 Builder; Constructor; Religious Person
Amod 6 Pleasureable
Amogh 8 Unerring; A Name Of Lord Ganesh
Amoha 2 Clear; Straight
Amol 5 Priceless, Valuable
Amolak 8 Priceless
Amolik 7 Priceless
Amoorta 2 Formless
Amr 5 Old Arabic Name
Amresh 1 Lord Indra
Amrik 7 Nectar
Amrish 5 Lord Indra
Amrit 7 Nectar
Amritambu 8 Moon
Amritaya 7 The Immortal. Lord Vishnu
Amshu 8 Atom
Amshul 2 Bright
Amuk 1 Some; One Or Another
Amul 2 Priceless
Amulya 1 Invaluable; Princess
Anaadi 3 Without Beginning
Anaan 4 Clouds
Anadi 2 Eternal Anal Fire
Anagh 4 Sinless
Anal 1 Fire
Anamitra 5 The Sun
Anand 7 Bliss, Happiness
Ananda 8 A Half Brother Of Buddha
Anandi 7 Bringer Of Joy. Lord Vishnu
Anandmoorti 7 Happiness Personified
Anang 1 Name Of Cupid Or Kamadeva
Ananga 2 Name Of Cupid Or Kamadeva
Ananmaya 7 One Who Cannot Be Broken
Anant 5 Joyful; Unending
Ananta 6 Infinite
Anantajeet 1 The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu
Anantram 1 The Eternal; God
Ananyo 7 Sole, Peerless
Anarghya 3 Priceless
Anas 8 A Group Of People
Anathakrishnan 4
Anay 5 Radha\'s Husband
Anbarasu 5 King Of Love
Anbu 2 Love; Kindness
Anbuchelvan 4 Kind; King Of Love
Anbumadi 2 Kind And Intelligent
Anbuselvan 3 Kind; King Of Love
Anees 8 Close Friend
Anek 4 Many
Anesh 2 Smart One
Angad 9 An Ornament
Angada 1 Bracelet, Brother Of Wali & Sugreev
Angaj 6 Son
Angak 7 Son
Angamuthu 7 Made Of Pearls
Aniij 7 Charming
Anik 8 Soldier
Anikait 2 Lord Of The World
Aniket 6 Lord Shiva, Wanderer
Anil 9 The Wind God
Anilaabh 3 Spirit Of The Wind
Anilkumar 1 Son Of Wind ( Hanuman )
Animesh 6 Open-eyed Therefore Attractive
Animish 1 Open-eyed Therefore Attractive
Anirban 5
Aniruddha 8 Which Can't Be Restricted
Anirudh 3 Free; Grandson Of Lord Krishna
Anirudhha 3 Free; Grandson Of Lord Krishna
Anirvan 7 Undying
Anirvinya 5 A Name Of God Vishnu
Anisa 8 Supreme
Anish 6 Supreme; Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Anit 8 Joyful Unending
Aniteja 6 Immeasurable Splendour
Anjal 2 Hollow Formed By Joining Two Hands
Anjan 4 Eye Liner
Anjani 4 A Title Of The Mother Of Hanuman (anjani Kumar)
Anjas 9 Fortright
Anjasa 1 Guileless; Deceitless
Anjor 4 Bright
Anjum 5 A Token
Anjuman 2 A Token; A Sumbol
Ankal 3 Whole
Ankit 1 The Chosen One
Ankur 2 Sprout; New Life
Ankush 2 Check; An Instrument Used For Guiding Elephants
Anmol 1 Priceless
Anna 3 Food
Annuabhuj 2 Lord Shiva
Anoop 7 Without Compare; Uncomparable
Anoop / Anup 5 Incomparable, The Best
Anosh 3
Anram 2 Continuous
Ansar 8
Ansh 6 Portion
Anshu 9 Ray Of Light
Anshuk 2 Radiant
Anshul 3 Radiant, Bright Or Intelligent Person
Anshumaan 2 The Sun
Anshuman 1 The Sun
Anshumat 7 Luminous
Antara 1 Paragraph
Antariksh 2 Space
Antim 3 Last
Antrix 5
Anu 9 An Atom
Anubhav 6 Experience
Anugya 6 Authority
Anuha 9 Satisfied
Anuj 1 Younger Brother; Good In Everything
Anunay 4 Supplication; Consolation
Anup 7 Without Comparison
Anupam 3 Unique; Uncomparable
Anuraag 9 Love; Attachment; Devotion
Anurag 8 Love; Attachment; Devotion
Anuroop 1 Handsome
Anurup 1 Handsome
Anush 9
Anuttam 9 Unsurpassed
Anuva 5 Knowledge
Anvesh 6 Investigation
Anwar 3 Devotee Of God
Apoorva 7 Exquisite, Rare
Appaji 8 Lord Venkateswara Of Balaji
Apparajito 8 Undefeated
Aprameya 8 A Name Of Lord Krishna
Apurva 7 Unique
Aquil 6 Wise
Arabinda 5 Lotus
Aran 7 Righteous
Aranab 1 Ocean
Arav 6 Peaceful
Aravali 1 Righteous
Aravan 3 Righteous
Archan 9 Worship
Archit 5 Worshipped
Ardhendu 3 Half Moon
Areehah 1 Destroyer Of Enemies
Arghya 6 Offering To The Lord
Arha 1 Lord Shiva
Arham 5 Rhe Word Is Just Like Om For Jain Community
Arhan 6 Tirthankara
Arhant 8 Destroyer Of Enemies
Arhat 3 Respectable
Ariez 5
Arihaan 7 Destroyer Of Demons / Rakshas
Arihant 8 One Who Has Killed His Enemies
Arij 2 Pleasant Smell
Arijit 4 Conquering Enemies, Son Of Krishna And Subhadra
Arindam 6 Destroyer Of Enemies
Arinjay 6 Victory Over Evil
Aritra 4 One Who Shows The Right Path , Navigator
Arivalagan 5 Intelligent And Handsome
Arivali 9 Smart; Intelligent
Arivarasu 2 King Of Wisdom
Arivoli 5 Glowing With Intelligence
Arivuchelvan 1 One Whose Wealth Is His Wisdom
Arivumadhi 7 Intelligent
Arivumani 9 Intelligent Jem
Arivunambi 2 Confident And Intelligent
Arja 3 Divine
Arjav 7
Arjit 4 Earned
Arjun 1 Pandava Prince; Bright; Peacock
Arka 4 Offering To The Sun
Arkaan 1 Principles
Arman 2 Wish
Arnab 9
Arnav 2 Ocean; Sea
Arnesh 2 Lord Of The Sea
Arokya 8 Very Pious; Healthy
Aron 3
Aroon 9 Mythical Charioteer Of The Sun; Dawn
Arpan 5 Offering
Arrush 4
Arsalan 3
Arsh 1 Dominion; Crown
Arshad 6 Heavenly
Artagnan 4 The Knower Of All Meanings
Arul 7 The Lord's Grace; Lord's Blessings
Arulchelvan 9 Blessed
Arulselvan 8 Blessed
Arumugan 6 Lord Murugan
Arun 9 Mythical Charioteer Of The Sun; Dawn
Aruna 1 God Of The Dawn
Arunachaleshwara 1 Lord Of The Hills, Sun
Aruni 9 Name Of A Devoted Pupil,dawn
Arvind 5 Lotus
Arvinda 6 Lotus
Arya 9 Honoured, Noble,indian, Belonging To The Aryans
Aryaman 1 Noble-minded; Aristocratic; Sun
Aryan 5 Noble Or Civilized
Aryavan 7
Asad 9 Lion
Asao 7 Essence
Asav 6 Essence
Aseelah 7 From Noble Family
Aseem 1 Limitless
Asgar 9 Devotee
Ashank 3 Faith
Ashcharya 6 Surprise
Asheem 6 Boundless
Asher 6 Happy
Ashesh 6 Benediction
Ashfaq 7 Noble Prince
Ashim 5 Limitless
Ashirvad 1 Blessing
Ashis 2 Benediction; Blessings
Ashish 1 Blessings
Ashit 3 Lord Of The Rings - Saturn
Ashlesh 9 To Embrace
Ashley 7
Ashneel 1 The Best, Unbeatable
Ashok 9 One Without Sorrow
Ashoka 1 Name Of An Emperor
Ashraf 8 More Honorable
Ashray 9 Shelter
Ashu 4 Quick
Ashutosh 3 One Who Becomes Happy Easily, Shiva
Ashvath 7 Strong
Ashvin 1 A Cavalier
Ashwaghosh 1 Name Of Buddhist Philosopher
Ashwath 8 Banyan Tree
Ashwatthama 7 Disciple Of Dronacharya
Ashwin 2 A Cavalier; A Hindu Month
Ashwini 2 One Of The Constallations
Asif 8 Forgivness
Asija 4 Brother Of Sage Brihaspathi
Asim 6 Limitless
Asit 4 The Planet
Asitvaran 6 Dark Complexioned
Asiya 1 One Who Tends To The Weak And Heals
Asjid 7 One Who Prays To God
Aslam 1 Greeting
Aslesh 1 Embrance
Asuman 6 Lord Of Vital Breaths
Asura 6 A Demon
Asvin 2 A Hindu Month
Aswal 2
Ataa 5 Gift
Atal 7 Stable, Unavoidable
Atambhu 3 The Holy Trinity
Atanu 3 Cupid
Ateet 6 Past
Atharva 8 Name Of Ganesha; The First Vedas
Atharvan 4 Knower Of The Artharva Vedas
Athiya 1 To Surpass
Athrv 6 Lord Ganesha
Atif 9 Generous
Atiksh 5 Wise
Atimanav 9 Super Man
Atinder 8
Atit 5
Atithi 4 Guest
Atiya 2 To Surpass
Atma 8 Soul
Atmaja 1 Son,daughter
Atmajyoti 6 Inner Light; Light Of The Soul
Atman 4 The Self
Atmanand 5 Blissful
Atmananda 6 Bliss Of Soul
Atraiu 7 Great Warrior
Atralarasu 4 Skillfull King Or Leader
Atre 8 The Son Of Sage Atri To Whom Dattatreya Was Born
Atreya 7 Receptacle Of Glory
Atul 9 Uncomparable
Atul Atulya 8 Matchless; Incomparable
Atulya 8 Unweighable, Incomparable
Ausija 7 Renowned; Bright As The Dawn
Avadhesh 5 King Dasaratha
Avalok 8 Who Beholds
Avaneesh 3 Lord Of The Earth (shiva Or Vishnu)
Avanindra 3 Lord Of The Earth
Avanish 2 Lord Of The Earth
Avashesh 2 Remainder
Avasyu 8 Lord Indra
Avatar 9 Incarnation
Avi 5 The Sun And Air
Avichal 2 Unmovable
Avijit 8 Invincible
Avikam 3 Diamond
Avikshit 9 Never Seen Before
Avilash 9 Faithful
Avin 1
Avinash 2 Immortal; Inconquerable
Avinashi 2 Indestructable
Aviral 9 Continous, Ongoing
Avirat 8 Continuous
Avish 5
Avkash 8 Limitless Space Avatar Incarnation
Avtar 8 Holy Incarnation
Avyukt 1 One With A Clear Mind, Krishna
Avyukta 2 One With A Clear Mind, Krishna
Awad 2 Reward; Compensation
Aws 7 Name Of A Tree
Ayaan 6 God\'s Gift
Ayaaz 9 Respected And Enduring
Ayan 5
Ayavanth 2 Lord Shiva
Ayman 9 Lucky; On The Right
Ayodhya 7
Ayog 3 Auspicious Time
Ayoob 4 A Prophet's Name
Ayush 2 Duration Of Life; A Divine Personification Presiding Over Life
Ayushman 3 Blessed With Long Life
Ayyapan 2 Ever Youthful
Ayyappa 4 Southern Deity; Ever Youthful
Azeez 9 Friend
Azhagar 8 The Handsome One
Azhar 9 The Most Shining; Luminous
Azzaam 5 Determined; Resolved
Azzam 4 The Lord; Almighty


  1. @ Sanstava संस्तवा- common or simultaneous praise,
    praise , commendation, acquaintance with
    ◀ Sanstavati संस्तवती- praising eloquently , eloquent, a singer , chanter
    # Sanstyana संस्त्याना- coagulated , condensed, the becoming condensed or solid or compact (applied to the fetus)
    ◀ Sanstuti संस्तुति praise ,eulogy, figurative mode of expression
    ♡ Samanta समन्ता- neighbourhood, contiguous, adjacent, entire, bordering, having the ends together, limiting, universal, being on every side, being on all sides. Here सम् means together, with + अन्त/अन्ता means ends, sides
    @ Saamanta सामन्ता- countess
    》Saamanti सामन्ती-bordering, Limitative, boundary, bounding, neighbouring
    # Sanraddha संराद्धा- accomplished , acquired , obtained. It is derived from word संराद्ध
    ● Sanraddhi संराद्धि- accomplishment ,success
    ♥ Sanra/Sanraa संरा- to give liberally , bestow , grant
    ○ Sanrambha संरम्भा- the act of grasping or taking hold of, vehemence , impetuosity , agitation , flurry,
    excitement , zeal , eagerness , enthusiasm , ardent desire for or to, anger ,angriness, pride , arrogance, intensity, high degree, the brunt (of battle),
    beginning. It is feminine of संरम्भ
    # Sanranjana संरञ्जन/संरंजना- gratifying , charming , pleasant. It is derived from word संरञ्जन
    ▶ Sanranjita संरञ्जिता/संरंजिता- coloured , dyed , reddened. It is feminine of संरञ्जित
    @ Sanrakta संरक्ता- coloured, redinflamed , enamoured, charming , beautiful
    ▶ Sanrakshita संरक्षिता- protected , preserved , taken care of
    # Sanrakshini संरक्षिणी- one who guards , a guardian , keeper
    ● Sanraksha संरक्षा- guard , care , protection
    ☆ Sanrakshika संरक्षिका- a keeper , guardian
    # Sanyojita संयोजिता- conjoined , attached
    ♥ Sanyogita संयोगिता- conjoined, attached, united
    ▶ Shridatta श्रीदत्ता- fortune-giver. Here श्री means fortune + दत्ता means giving
    ★ Shridhara श्रीधरा- " bearer or possessor of fortune". Here श्री means fortune + धरा means bearer
    @ Shripadi श्रीपदी- a kind of jasmine
    ● Shripa/Shreepa श्रीपा- preserving fortune. Here श्री means fortune + पा means preserving
    ▼ Shriprada श्रीप्रदा- bestowing happiness or prosperity
    . Here श्री means happiness, prosperity + प्रदा means bestowing
    # Shrinivasa श्रीनिवासा- "abode of goddess Lakshmi"(a form or avatar of goddess Lakshmi), A name of goddess Radha. Here श्री means goddess Lakshmi + निवासा means abode
    ♥ Shrisha/Shreesha श्रीशा- "faculty or power of goddess Lakshmi", formed by power of Lakshmi (an incarnation of Shrī or Lakshmī), name of goddess Rādhā. Here श्री means goddess Lakshmi + ईशा means faculty or power
    # Shrikari श्रीकरी- causing prosperity , giving good fortune. Here श्री means fortune + करी means conferring
    ♥ Shrikara श्रीकरा- causing prosperity, giving good fortune. Here श्री means prosperity + करा from word कर means causing
    ◆ Shrikarani श्रीकरणी- causing glory or distinction. Here श्री means glory + करणी means causing
    ◀ Shravaniki श्रावणिकी- Relating to or produced in the month ShrAvaNa
    ● Shrikanthika श्रीकण्ठिका- (in music) a partic. Rāga, "beautiful throated". Here श्री means beautiful + कण्ठिका means throat
    # Shriti श्रिति- approach , recourse ,entering
    @ Sanyogini संयोगिनी- being in contact or connection , closely connected with (instr. or comp.), united ( with a loved object), married, conjunct. It is feminine of संयोगिन्

    #Anirvid अनिर्विद्- free from causes of depression,
    unwearied, not desponding. Here अ means not +
    निर्विद् means desponding, depression
    #Anirved अनिर्वेद- absence of dejection or
    depression, self-reliance, self-confidence. Here अ
    means not or free from +निर्वेद् means dejection,
    #Anirvedit अनिर्वेदित- self-reliant, bold, not
    depressed. Here अ means not +निर्वेदित means
    reliant on others, depressed
    #Anirday अनिर्दय- tenderly, softly. Here अ means
    not +निर्दय means cruelty, harshly
    #Aanirhat आनिर्हत- of indestructible nature
    #Anirdisht अनिर्दिष्ट- undefined, unexplained. Here
    अ means not +निर्दिष्ट means explained
    #Anirdishya अनिर्दिश्य- undefinable, inexplicable.
    Here अ means not +निर्दिश्य means definable
    #Anirghat अनिर्घात- not wresting or tearing from .
    Here अ means not + निर्घात means wresting or
    tearing from
    #Anirghatya अनिर्घात्य- not to be brought out by
    force. Here अ means not +निर्घात्य means brought
    out by force
    #Anirbhar अनिर्भर- light, slight, not excessive. Here
    अ means not +निर्भर means bulky, excessive
    #Anirjit अनिर्जित- unconquered .Here अ means not
    +निर्जित means conquered, defeated
    #Anirakrit अनिराकृत- unobstructed .Here अ means
    not + निराकृत् means obstructed
    #Anirahit/Aniraahit अनिराहित- not to be kept from
    #Anirvan/Anirvaan अनिर्वाण- unextinguished .Here
    अ means not +निर्वाण means to extinguish
    #Anirupt अनिरुप्त- not distributed, not shared .Here
    अ means not +निरुप्त means distributed, shared
    #Anirupit/Aniroopit अनिरूपित- undefined, not
    determined. Here अ means not + निरूपित means
    defined, determined
    #Anirakritin अनिराकृतिन्- one who does not forget
    what he has learned.
    #Analochit अनालोचित- unseen, unbeheld,
    unweighed, rash, imprudent. Here अन् means
    without +आलोचित means seen, prudent, beheld,
    $ Anibaddh अनिबद्ध-not bound. Here अ means not
    +निबद्ध means bound
    #Anasuyu अनसूयु- unenvious, not spiteful. Here अन्
    means not + असूयु means envious, spiteful
    #Anasuyak अनसूयक- not envious, not spiteful. Here
    अन् means not +असूयक means on who is envious
    #Anasuyakam अनसूयकं- unenvious
    #Anasuyam अनसूयं- not envious It is noun form of
    #Anasuyat अनसूयत्- not envious.Here अन् means
    not means असूयत् envious
    #Anasuyant अनसूयन्त्- not spiteful or not envious
    #Anikavat अनीकवत्- having a face or constituting
    the face, occupying the front most rank, a name
    of Agni/ अग्नि .Here अनीक means face, rank +वत्
    means one who has
    #Anikasth/Anikastha अनीकस्थ- a warrior,
    combatant , a sentinel, mahout, a sign or mark,
    military drum. Here अनीक means battle,
    appearance +स्थ means what stays
    #Anich/Aneech अनीच- 'not low', respectable,
    Here अ means not +नीच means low
    #Anichais अनीचैस्- loudly,not in a low voice
    #Anichaistan अनीचैस्तन-not low, decent
    #Anirit/Aneerit अनीरित- unstirred. Here अ means
    not +नीरित means stirred
    #Astik/Aastik आस्तिक- one who has faith in god,
    pious, faithful

  3. #Ayus आयुस्- life, vital power, vigour, health, age,
    efficacy, duration of life
    #Ayush आयुष्- life, vital power, vigour, health, age
    ♥Ayur आयुर्- life, efficacy, health, vigour, age
    #Ayushmat आयुष्मत्- possessed of vital power,
    healthy,long-lived, alive, living
    #Ayushman आयुष्मान्- possessed of vital power,
    healthy, long lived, living
    Here आयुष् means age ,life +मान् means one who
    #Ayushak आयुषक्- with co-operation of men
    #Ayushk आयुष्क- the being fond of or depending on
    #Ayushay आयुषय- to wish long life to anyone
    #Ayushkar आयुष्कर- causing or creating long life
    Here आयुष् means life +कर means causing, creating
    Here आयुष् means long life + कर means causing or
    #Ayuskar आयुस्कर- promoting longevity, supporting
    life Here आयुस् means life, longevity + कर means
    #Ayushkrit आयुष्कृत्- causing or creating life
    Here आयुष् means long life +कृत् means causing or
    #Ayushyavat आयुष्यवत्- long-lived
    #Ayukrit आयुकृत- making or giving long life
    Here आयुष् means long life +कृत् means done,
    #Ayushkam आयुष्काम-wishing for long life or
    Here आयुष् means long life, health +काम means
    Here आयुष् means health, life +काम means desire
    #Aayudh/Ayudh आयुध- weapon
    #Aayudhik आयुधिक- relating to arms, living by
    one's weapons, (m.) warrior, soldier
    #Aayut आयुत- melted, mingled, mixed
    #Aayuj आयुज- to join, fasten, uniting, to
    accomodate with
    ♥Aakhug आखुग- 'riding on a rat', A name of lord
    Here आखु means rat +ग means one who goes,
    goes on
    #Aakhuyaan आखुयान- one whose vehicle is rat,A
    name of lord Ganesha
    Here आखु means rat +यान means vehicle
    #Aakhurath आखुरथ-'riding on a rat', Lord Ganesha
    Here आखु means rat + रथ means a vehicle
    $ Aru अरु- sun, red blossomed Khadira tree
    # Aaru आरु- tawny (As a verb in word Aaru means
    ♥ Arul अरुल- water, a small boat
    $ Aarut आरुत- crying out, praise, cry
    ♥ Arav अरव- calm, noiseless, silent. Here अ
    means without, not + रव means cry, sound, noise
    ♥ Aarav आरव- sound, thundering, humming,
    Arabian, cry. Here आ means with + रव means
    sound, cry
    # Aaraav आराव -humming (as bees), howling, cry,
    $ Aravam अरवं/अरवम् - noiseless
    ♥ Aruj अरुज- painless, free from disease, brisk,
    healthy . Here अ means without, free from +रुज
    means disease, pain
    # Aaruj आरुज- breaking, destroying
    $ Arugna/Arugn अरुग्ण- healthy, painless. Here अ
    means not, free from + रुग्ण means pain, disease
    $ Arush अरुष- sun, reddish, day, red horses of god
    of fire
    # Arush अरुष्- 'good-tempered'. Here अ means not
    + रुष् means angry, ill-tempered
    $ Aroosh अरूष- sun, a kind of snake
    # Aarush आरुष्- to make furious
    $ Aaruh आरुह्- ascending, shoot (of a plant)
    # Aaruh आरुह- ascending, mounting
    $ Arushahan अरुशहन्- striking the red
    #Aravindam अरविन्दम्- lotus, copper
    $ Aravindanabh/Aravindnabh अरविन्दनाभ- lord
    Vishnu,"lotus naveled" . Here अरविन्द means lotus
    + नाभ means navel
    # Aravindanabhi/Aravindnabhi अरविन्दनाभि- lord
    Vishnu(from whose navel sprung the lotus that
    bore Brahma at the creation) . Here अरविन्द means
    a lotus + नाभि means navel
    $ Aravindasad अरविन्दसद्- "sitting on a lotus", Lord
    Brahma . Here अरविन्द means lotus + सद् means
    one who sits on

  4. Hindu baby boy names with meaning starting from A
    # Aniruddh अनिरुद्ध- unobstructed, ungovernable,
    self-willed,a spy, a secret emissary, name of Lord
    शिव, the rope for fastening cattle. Here अ means
    not + निरुद्ध means obstructed
    ♥ Aruddh अरुद्ध- not hindered. Here अ means not
    + रुद्ध means hindered
    $ Abj/Abja अब्ज - "born in water", a lotus, moon,
    the conch. It is joining of अप् + ज . Here अप् means
    water + ज means born
    ♥ Abjit अब्जित्- conquering waters. Here अप् means
    water + जित् means one who conquers
    # Ash अष्- to shine, to receive, acquire, to go or
    ♥ Ash अश्- to reach, arrive at, get, gain, to
    master, to offer, to enjoy, to pervade, to
    accumulate, to eat, feed
    $ Aash आश्/आश -to reach, acquire, to eat, food, to
    # Aashishat आशिषत- to reach, arrive at, gain, to
    $ Ashnavat अश्नवत्- to master, to pervade, arrive
    at, to enjoy
    # Aashat आशत- to acquire, come to, to master, to
    $ Aanansh आनंश- to reach, to enjoy, to gain
    # Aanash आनश/आनाश- to master, fill, to pervade,
    $ Aashuh आशुह- to reach, come to, to offer, to
    # Ashant अशन्त्- to eat, feed
    $ Ashishyat अशिष्यत्- to eat, feed
    # Aashivas आशिसवस- to eat, feed
    $ Aashishat आशिशत्- to eat, feed
    ▶ Amitam अमितम्-immensely, infinite
    $ Amitakratu/Amitkratu अमितक्रतु-of unbounded
    energy. Here अमित means unbounded + क्रतु means
    # Amitatejas अमिततेजस्- of boundless glory.
    Hereअमित means boundless, infinite + तेजस् means
    glory, lustre
    $ Amitatvaअमितत्व- boundlessness
    # Amitaprabh/Amitprabh अमितप्रभ-of boundless
    lustre, having infinite shine. Here अमित means
    infinite, boundless + प्रभ means shine
    $ Amitaprabhas/Amitprabhas अमितप्रभास-having
    unbounded lustre. Here अमित means unbounded,
    infinite प्रभास means shine, lustre
    # Amitabuddhimant/Amitbuddhimant अमितबुद्धिमन्त्-
    of unmeasured intellect. Here अमित means
    unmeasured+ बुद्धिमन्त् means intellect
    $ Amitaujas अमितौजस्- of unbounded energy, all-
    powerful, almighty.Here अमित means boundless +
    ओजस् means strength.
    $ Amitavikram/Amitvikramअमितविक्रम् of
    unmeasured power, of unbounded valour, a
    Name of विष्णु . Here
    अमित means unbounded + विक्रम means valour
    $ Amitavirya/Amitvirya अमितवीर्य- of immense
    strength. Here अमित means infinite +वीर्य means
    $ Amitakshar अमिताक्षर-not containing a fixed
    number of syllables. Here अमित means
    unmeasured, infinite + अक्षर means syllables
    # Amitatman अमितात्मन्-of an immense mind. Here अमित means immense + आत्मन् means mind
    $ Amitabh अमिताभ- of unmeasured splendour,
    Name of certain deities in the eighth मन्वन्तर. Here
    अमित means unmeasured, unbounded + आभा/आभ
    means splendour
    # Amitayus अमितायुस्- long-living, one having
    unbounded or unmeasured life. Here अमित means
    unmeasured + आयुस् means life
    # Amitrakarshan अमित्रकर्षण- harassing enemies.
    Here अमित्र means enemy + कर्षण means destroying
    $ Amitrakarshin अमित्रकर्षिन्- harassing enemies.
    Here अमित्र means enemy + कर्षिन् means harassing

  5. Meaning of Sanskrit baby boy names
    # Arinipat अरिनिपात -invasion or incursion of
    enemies. Here अरि means enemy + निपात means incursion or invasion
    # Arigurta/Arigurt/Arigoort अरिगूर्त- praised by
    devoted men
    # Arikt अरिक्त -not void or empty, not empty,
    abundant. Here अ means not +रिक्त means empty
    , void, blank
    # Ariktapani अरिक्तपाणि- not with empty hands. Here अरिक्त means not empty + पाणि means hands
    # Arikarshan अरिकर्षण- harasser of enemies
    Here अरि means enemy + कर्षण means harrasser,
    # Arindam अरिंदम -foe-conquering, victorious, Name of lord Shiva/ शिव. Here अरि means enemy + दम means to tame
    ▲ Anish अनिश- nightless, incessant, sleepless,
    It is joining of अ+निश .Here अ means not + निश
    means night, interruption
    ▲ Aneesh अनीश- one who has no lord or superior,
    'Vishnu' , paramount, having no control
    Here अन् means without + ईश means lord, superior
    # Anisham अनिशम्- continually, constantly
    ♣ Anih अनिह- one who has or knows no here
    # Aneeh अनीह- indifferent, listless
    # Anil अनिल- air, god of wind, kind of sword, one
    of eight demigods called Vasus
    # Aneel अनील-white
    Here अ means not +नील means black or blue
    ♣ Aaneel आनील -darkish, black horse, tin,
    slightly dark or blue
    ▲ Aanil आनिल- windy, belonging to god of
    # Anilay अनिलय -restless, having no resting
    # Anilaghna/Anilaghn अनिलघ्न -curing disorders arising from wind
    # Anilamay अनिलमय- morbid affection of
    wind, rheumatism, flatulence
    # Anilayan अनिलायन- way or course of wind. Here अनिल means wind + आयन means way
    # Anilasakh अनिलसख- friend of wind, Name of fire
    god Here अनिल means wind +सख means friend
    #Anilashan अनिलाशन -air-eater, serpent
    Here अनिल means wind + आशन means eater
    # Anilaj अनिलज -son of wind-god, lord Hanuman
    (हनुमान). Here अनिल means wind + ज means born
    # Anilatmaj अनिलात्मज -son of wind god, lord
    Hanuman. Here अनिल means wind/wind-god +
    आत्मज means son
    #Anushush अनुषूष्- (verb) go on prospering,
    prosper after another
    # Anupakshit/Anupaxit अनुपक्षित -uninjured,
    It is joining of अन्+उपक्षित .Here अन् means without
    & उपक्षित means decayed injured
    # Analas अनलस- energetic. It is joining of अन् + अलस Here अन् means without + अलस means laziness
    # Arup अरूप-shapeless, formless. Here अ means
    not + रूप means shape , body
    # Arupin अरूपिन्- shapeless, formless
    # Arupak अरूपक -shapeless, formless
    # Archan अर्चन -worship, honouring,
    # Arvan अर्वन् -quick, vile, running, Lord
    Indra, horse, courser
    #Atidev अतिदेव-superior god, surpassing the gods
    Here अति means superior + देव means god
    # Atigun अतिगुण -having extraordinary qualities
    Here अति means extraordinary + गुण means
    # Atikrit अतिकृत-extraordinary, exceptional, over
    done Here अति means over, very + कृत means done
    # Atimaal अतिमाल- excelling a necklace. Here अति means excelling + माल means necklace
    # Atimaan अतिमान-great haughtiness
    Here अति means great + मान means haughtiness
    # Atishat अतिशात- delightful
    ♥ Atish/Ateesh अतीश -supreme lord, extremely
    powerful, most capable, extraordinary ruler
    It is joining of अति + ईश .Here अति means
    extermely, excess, surpassing + ईश means lord,
    master, king, powerful, capable
    It was a name of an ancient Buddhist saint
    # Atka अत्क- armour, traveller, garment
    # Atas अतस -wind, air, weapon, garment made of
    fibre of flax
    # Aatuch आतुच -evening, growing dusk
    # Aparimit अपरिमित -unlimited, unmeasured.
    Here अ means not, without + परिमित means limited, measured
    # Atiyaaj अतियाज- great sacrificer, very pious
    It is joining of अति+याज Here अति means very,
    great + याज means pious, sacrificer
    ▲ Atiroop/Atirup अतिरूप- very handsome,
    extraordinary beauty. Here अति means very + रूप
    means beautiful
    # Atimit अतिमित- over measured, beyond
    measure, exceeding. Here अति meansb excess, beyond, over + मित means measured
    # Atibal अतिबल- very strong, active soldier.
    Here अति means very + बल means strong
    # Atidan/Atidaan अतिदान -liberality, excessive
    munificence. It is joining of अति+दान . Here अति means excess + दान means donation, liberal

    # Anal अनल- fire, god of fire, digestive power, bile
    # Analad अनलद- quenching fire (said of water).
    Here अनल means fire + द Means quenching
    # Analasakh/Analsakh अनलसख - fire's friend(Wind)
    Here अनल means fire + सख means friend
    # Analopal अनलोपल -'fire-stone', crystal. It is
    joining of अनल+उपल Here अनल means fire + उपल
    means stone
    # Analp अनल्प -much, numerous. It is joining of अन्+अल्प. Here अन् means not +अल्प
    means a little
    ♥Afull अफुल्ल -unblown [a rose]
    ▲ Aritri अरितृ -rower
    ▼ Aritra/Aritr अरित्र -propelling, driving, oar
    # Arisht अरिष्ट- secure, unhurt. It is joining of अ
    + रिष्ट .Here अ means not +रिष्ट
    means unlucky, wounded, injured
    ♥ Aarit आरित -praised
    # Arishyat अरिष्यत् -not being hurt
    # Arinut अरिनुत -praised even by enemies.
    Here अरि means enemies + नुत means praised
    # Arindam अरिन्दम -victorious, foe-conquering
    ♥Arih अरिह -killing of enemies.
    Here अरि means enemies + ह means killing
    # Arihin अरिहीन -one having no enemies
    Here अरि means enemies + हीन means without
    # Arijit अरिजित -conqueror of enemies
    Here अरि means enemies + जित means conqueror
    # Arijay अरिजय -conqueror of enemies
    ▲ Amish अमिष- not guile(honest), free from deceit,
    not having rivalary, authentic
    It is joining of अ+मिष .Here अ means not or
    without + मिष means guile, deceit, rivalary
    ▲ Adas/Adaas अदास -free, independent, not slave
    Here अ means not + दास means slave
    # Abja/Abj अब्ज- 'born in water', the conch, moon
    (n.) a lotus
    ♣ Abjaj अब्जज- sprung (at the creation) from the
    lotus (which arose from the navel of Vishnu), A
    name of Brahma/ब्रह्मा
    Here अब्ज means lotus +ज means born
    Lord Brahma is considered as born from the navel
    of lord Vishnu whose navel is in the form of a
    # Abjabhav अब्जभव- sprung(at the creation) from
    the lotus (which arose from the navel of Vishnu),
    A name of Brahma
    Here अब्ज means lotus +भव means born, derived
    # Abjabhu अब्जभू- sprung (at the creation)from the
    lotus(which arose from the navel of Vishnu), A
    name of Brahma. Here अब्ज means lotus + भू
    means born
    # Abjadrish अब्जदृश् -lotus eyed, Having large fine
    eyes. Here अब्ज means lotus + दृश् means eyes/eyed
    # Abjanetra/Abjanetr अब्जनेत्र -lotus eyed, having large fine
    Here अब्ज means lotus +नेत्र means eyes
    # Abjanayan अब्जनयन- lotus eyed, having large fine
    eyes. Here अब्ज means lotus + नयन means eyes
    #Abjanabh अब्जनाभ- whose navel is a lotus
    Here अब्ज means lotus +नाभ means navel
    # Abjavahan अब्जवाहन- 'carrying the moon'(on his
    forehead), Shiva.
    Here अब्ज means lotus + वाहन means carrying
    # Abjasaras अब्जसरस्- a lotus pond
    Here अब्ज means lotus + सरस् means pond
    # Abjaad अब्जाद -'eating lotus leaves'a swan
    ★ Abjit अब्जित -conquering waters
    Here अब्/अव् means water +जित् means conquering
    # Arya/Aarya आर्य -courteous, respectable, wise,
    faithful, noble, excellent, Aryan, master, friend,
    Buddha, honourable man
    # Arya अर्य- dear, true, devoted, excellent, master, lord
    # Aryamik अर्यमिक -intimate, very friendly
    # Aryaman अर्यमन्- bosom friend, sun, play-fellow,
    milkweed plant
    # Aryamaan आर्यमान् -one having qualities of an
    Aryan, noble respectable ,excellent.
    Here आर्य means respectable,honest, excellence
    + मान् as a suffix means one who has
    # Aryam अर्यम -bosom friend, companion
    ♥ Aryav आर्यव -honourable behavior, honesty
    # Aryavach आर्यवाच् -speaking Aryan language
    Here आर्य means Aryan +वाच् means language
    # Aryachetas आर्यचेतस् -noble-minded
    Here आर्य means noble + चेतस् means mind
    # Aryavrat आर्यव्रत -observing laws and ordinances
    of the Aryans or honourable men, behaving like
    Aryans. Here आर्य means honourable, Aryan + व्रत means behaviour
    # Aryavritt आर्यवृत्त -behavior of an Aryan or noble
    man, honest, virtuous. Here आर्य means Aryan,
    noble +वृत्त means behavior
    # Aryavesh आर्यवेश -dressed like an Aryan or
    honest person.